Powerful Constitutional Rights Political Committee is a political committee devoted to aligning the very powerful, broad spectrum of rights written in the Constitution called de jure law- (the law as it is written), and (de facto)- the law as it is enforced. We exist to research bold progressive stances on the law, lobby and fight like hell for what is right, and to help educate the people on the laws of the United States.

We are a New York State Political Committee 501 (c) 4 tax exempt organization with the Treasury Department/Internal Revenue Code.

Most of the problems we see today  with government are a direct result of poorly applied law. 

Senator Schumer, please use Constitutional Standing to refer Appointments Clause violations by McConnell to Civil Court

https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2020/10/10/1985504/-Tell-Senator-Schumer-Stand-for-Appointments-Clause-Justice-as-required-by-the-Constitution?_=2020-10-10T23:24:34.472-07:00 https://youtu.be/gAMVBVeK3pM

Apportionment, the Electoral College and the Constitutional mandate that Congress forgot- whoopsie!

Constitutionally mandated process for Apportionment, requires a national voting rights review, which has never happened. This map is used to develop the Electoral College, if Congress has not completed this

Senate Dem. Leader Chuck Schumer Discusses Integrity Of Investigation Into Russian Interference In Election

Democratic Senators this is how you can litigate the Appointments Clause

Sen. Charles Schumer Hart Sen. Office Bldg. Washington, DC 20510 Dear Sen. Schumer,           Democratic Senators can sabotage and delay the Amy Coney Barrett hearings scheduled on October 12-15,  2021

Chief Justice John Marshall

Breaking Democratic Senate Can sue over McConnell’s Obstruction, says John Marshall in Marbury vs Madison

The result of Marbury vs Madison is this: The Court can decide Appointments clause violations and fix them. Marshall said he could have put Marbury on the bench who was

McConnell won't acknowledge President Obama

@Schumer, due Constitutional duty includes taking McConnell To the DC District Court over Appointments CLause violations- Brett Sablosky

The Amy Coney Barrett Nomination and to a larger extent the lower courts nomination process over the past 10 needs to be reviewed in the DC- Circuit immediately. We have

Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Bill Clinton on the day of her Appointment to Associate Supreme Court Justice

Dissent, Shelby vs Holder, Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg paves the way for Judicial Recall on Shelby vs Holder

II Dissent, Shelby vs Holder, Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg paves the way for Judicial Recall on Shelby vs Holder In answering this question, the Court does not write on


The Courts have had real problems- Scalia says the 8th Amendment doesn’t apply to torture Leslie Stahl gets him

https://youtu.be/zPqjCM6e5oM Amy if this violates somehow I apologize. Scalia on Torture Scalia was the most entertaining Justice by far. The cases I watched weren't too interesting, which he mentioned But

Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Bill Clinton on the day of her Appointment to Associate Supreme Court Justice

The Supreme Court Justices on the Passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

(used without permission- what are they gonna do, sue me?) https://www.supremecourt.gov/publicinfo/press/pressreleases/pr_09-19-20 For Immediate ReleaseFor Further Information Contact:September 19, 2020Kathleen Arberg (202) 479-3211 STATEMENTS FROM THE SUPREME COURT REGARDING THE DEATH

Law enforcement, #blacklivesmatter, due process and how we fix isssh….

#blacklivesmatter- great energy, changed landscapes, an and have raised awareness amongst the left leaning, corporations, and knowledge professionals about very real issues that probably never many people to understand that

Post Office

Path to a suit to get Post Office Funding for the Speaker of the House

In the event that the Senate does not pass the $25 billion post office bill with a simple majority of Democratic and Republican votes then as Speaker of the House

Ropert mueller and the Mueller Report, Redacted

#muellerreport’s most important paragraph regarding the FBI Investigation into the #Trumpcampaign

Paraphrase Mueller report, non essential words removed, sorry no page number. On 2016-7-27, Unit 26165 targeted Clinton Campaign email Earlier that day, candidate Trump made public statements "Russia, if you're

Supreme COurt

Even the Cato Institute disagrees with qualified immunity