Illegal actions tipped Supreme Court Balance


Powerful Constitutional Rights Political Committee is a political committee devoted to aligning the very powerful, broad spectrum of rights written in the Constitution called de jure law- (the law as it is written), and (de facto)- the law as it is enforced.

We are a New York State Political Committee 501 (c) 4 tax exempt organization with the Treasury Department/Internal Revenue Code.

Most of the problems we see today  with government is a direct result of poorly applied law. A small sample of our stances are below.

Voting Rights.

We oppose the existence of the Electoral College, as a clear violation of voter’s rights that gives weight to peoples vote based upon where people live- geographic discrimination, and vote dilution.

It was developing a case filed challenging the Electoral College, and the fradulent electors used by the Republican party that Powerful Constitutional Rights took it’s first steps into existence.

We oppose the recent rounds of voter ID laws; specifically designed, and implemented to reduce voter turnout amongst minorities. There was never any voter fraud problem to protect against. Voter ID is targeted to racially discriminate against the rights of the black Latino citizens to vote- as several lawmakers have publicly admitted. Further, it is a clear violation of a court ordered settlement for the RNC and the GOP state parties under the 1981 Consent Decree.


We oppose gerrymandering of voting districts for political office to create safe seats for one party to predominate in the majority of districts. It seems to be a clear violation of existing laws, and democratic purposes. Legislatures spend taxpayer time and dime, paying experts to redesign maps, changing polling places, and districts, reshaping states, so they will get elected easier. This is a clear misuse of government resources in the same way that appropriating money and putting it into their campaign coffers would be.

Spending Limits on candidates and political campaigns

We are against Citizens United case ruling from U.S. Supreme Court. We support candidate and campaign spending limits on particular campaigns. We want Citizens United overturned by a new U.S. Supreme Court. Corporations may even meet the definitions of living beings- but they are clearly not natural persons, and that ruling ran counter to centuries of law.

Stopping Police Brutality against U.S. Citizens

We encourage prosecutors to prosecute police officers who commit brutal acts against citizens for no reason except their own entertainment. We wish state legislatures to change laws that regulate the use of force by police officers, so that prosecutors can more easily charge police officers with crimes of the use of excessive force and police brutality, and murder or manslaughter, where a civilian citizen is murdered with no justification under police use of force laws.

Police Brutality is a clear violation of 5th and 14th amendment due process rights, and rights accepted under Anglo-American common law since the Magna Carta, as well as legitimate reason for revolution under the Declaration of Independence.

Oppose Government Spying on Civilians without Probable Cause or Reasonable Suspicion

We oppose government spying on citizens without court ordered or court authorized search warrants.
Oppose the federal Patriot Act. We oppose the entire U.S.A. Patriot Act. We demand the entire U.S.A. Patriot Act be repealed. The U.S. A. Patriot Act written by George W. Bush Jr. Attorney General and staff is a wholesale repeal of the Bill of Rights in the U.S, Constitution. As such this bill is an unauthorized revision of the U.S. Constitution without a constitutional convention being called to revise or repeal the Constitution. The Constitution was never repealed to allow the U.S.A. Patriot Act to be passed as a piece of legislation.
It is as clear a violation of the 4th amendement as can possibly be imagined.

Public funding of Political Campaigns

We support public funding of state senate and state assembly and federal U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate elections as a way of com batting and lessening corruption occurring and being committed by political officeholders.