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  1. The Live Wire Network Show is a syndicated Network which is broadcast around the United Kingdom and global areas,
    incorporating FM, DAB, AM and Digital Radio Stations.

    Steve Osborne Media was established in 1989 for the sole purpose of promoting your business and products to a larger audience.

    These campaigns include celebrity interviews, lifestyle, business, entertainment, film, fashion, food, music and much more.

    We currently run Live Wire Today which is a feature led podcast (on various topics) which consists of an interview with one of
    our established presenters and the media package will be sent to podcast sites which includes Apple, iTunes,Facebook and Twitter.

    In addition we will provide you with a download link so the podcast can be used for personal websites and social media accounts.

    If you would like more information in the first instance please contact us via our website https://bit.ly/steveosborne

    Email: steveosbornemedia@mail.com

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