10 thoughts on “Democratic Senators- Sue McConnell for Obstruction, and get Kavanaugh postponement

  1. Try McConnell for obstricti g justice and violating the Constitution. Throw him out of the Senate.

  2. This is a fantastic idea ,you would think that a congress full of lawyers would have thought of this back in 2016?

  3. The president is an indicted co-conspirator. If any impeachment proceedings go forward, it cannot be left up to Kavanaugh to judge him since he is the nominee. Just one of many reservations I have about this nominee. Postpone at least until all the records have been delivered for deliberation.

  4. I never thought McConnell had the right to block the process of appointments to the Supreme Court. What he has done was intentionally done for the good of the Republican Party . HE HAS MADE A STINKING MESS OF THE SENATE ALONG WITH GRASSLY. i AM SICK OF PEOPLE DOING ONLY THINGS THAT ARE GOOD FOR THE PARTY INSTEAD OF THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE.

  5. I am sick and tired of our public officials who take taxpayer money of sitting on their hands and doing nothing. This is not how government is supposed to work. They are tasked to work for The People, yet all they seem capable of is partisan politics and embellishing their own bank accounts.

  6. None of the judicial appointments from the criminal administration should be legitimized. The acts of congress and trump are clearly treason and criminal

  7. But does the leader of the Democratic Party know any of this? Do the Senators know any of this and if so are they acting on it right now?! This is very serious stuff that cannot be ignored. McConnell & Grassley have really violated the Constitution terribly. This was great information. Thank you.

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