6 thoughts on “Senators McConnell and Grassley refused Constitutional Appointments Duty

  1. This article attempts to make some very powerful points. It is seriously compromised by ungrammatical sentences. Folks, if you’re serious about this serious work, get a proof-reader.

  2. Good lord – such a grammatical mess should never have gone to print!
    PLEASE proof and reprint this otherwise-excellent piece by a favored – and usually much more professional – contributor.

  3. Timely Governance comes to mind on this – pertaining to the 2018 Congressional Budget Committee still financing President Trump’s signed out policy of separating children from their families.

    The use of SNS with U. S. Marshall Services recruited federal officers in coordination with National Gaurd deployment to engage protesters, was after the Congressional sanctions of Presidential “Use of Military Force.”
    The signing out of the U. N. Special Security Taskforce on COVID-19 in 2018, hasn’t pushed McConnell lead Congress to any publicly noted advisory to President Trump pertaining to protecting the States beyond the “Down-play” model of dereliction of Constitutional Duties of the President of the United States. Just another “Superb” response to Pandemic, that coincides with the “Down-play” on the impeachable offense of President Trump’s pardoning Roger Stone while that power was suspended during impeachment.
    But, as we know… It’s not “Superb”

  4. Time for a age an time limits on all of Congress
    65 an 20 years… need fresh new minds an blood..out with the old..in with the new

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