Path to a suit to get Post Office Funding for the Speaker of the House

In the event that the Senate does not pass the $25 billion post office bill with a simple majority of Democratic and Republican votes then as Speaker of the House of Representatives, Speaker Pelosi can still file a lawsuit in the US District Court to ask the court to issue a writ of mandamus ordering the Treasurer of the United States Mnuchin to issue a check to the Post Office Department for $25 billion dollars. We will examine the strong legal basis for getting a court order to spend the funding on the US Post Office based on existing Constitutional law and federal court rules.  Because the urgent case for providing the $25 billion in funds for the post office is based in part on U.S. Citizens receiving mail in ballots and sending mail in ballots to Boards of Elections in the 50 states and the right to vote for electors for the office of president is a guaranteed right in the U.S. Constitution, then Pelosi's case on behalf of voters would go to top of the District Court, Court of Appeals and U.S. Supreme Court calendar ahead of all other scheduled cases.  This case can be heard in each court that it is filed within 10 days. The case can first be filed in the U.S. District Court and then be filed directly to U.S. Supreme Court. Two trial can be scheduled and completed in a month.

The U.S. post office was created under the commanding shall language of Article 

Article 1 Section 8:

“The Congress shall have the power to establish post offices and post roads.”

This clearly means the congress must establish a United States Postal Service in the entire nation of the United States. This also means that Congress has the exclusive power to control, run, and oversee the post office through the constitution and the laws that U.S. Congress chooses to pass establishing and regulating the Post Office. The Post Office is a necessary service declared in the constitution to be under the control of the Congress. Services that the post office provide can be of essential or urgent or emergency nature.

Now the post office is providing emergency delivery of ballots in federal, state, and local elections.  This is due to the corona virus epidemic across the nation.  Many voters are afraid to go vote in person in November for president, senator, representative and state and local offices due to fear of being infected from other infected voters at the polling place, who have corona virus. President Trump thinks that many more people will vote by mail in the November Presidential election than would otherwise vote in person due to the corona virus scare.     Trump thinks that if there is a large turnout of voters then that will likely cause him, Trump to lose the election.  Trump has conspired with his new postmaster,  Mr. De Joy to slow down postal services so that ballots are not delivered to voters on time and so that ballots are not delivered back to the boards of elections in each county on time.  In short Trump want as few pepople as possible to cast ballots in November elections. Trumps thinks that more Democrats will vote by mail than Republicans. In any event that presumption may not be true or it may be true.  

It is illegal and unconstitutional for President Trump and Postmaster De Joy to slow down and interfere with the operation of the Post Office to interfere with delivery of medicine and paychecks and delivery of mail-in ballots issued by different states under state law.   Trump cannot use his veto to prevent the post office from being funded under the fund the post office bill, only whether the bill passes only the House of Representatives by a simple majority or if the bill passes the House and Senate both by a simple majority.  The reason is that Trump, the president,  is charged with enforcing provisions of the US Constitution with regard to delivering the mail as an urgent mandatory postal duty.  Trump does not have the right to deny the post office funding that is required to deliver mail at a quick speed based on past performance speeds of the post office during the past 10 years.  The post office is an essential emergency service required to be delivered in the US Constitution.   Due to the corona virus epidemic affecting the willingness, the safety, and the fears of death of both younger and older voters to vote in person and stand in line at the voting polling places, the safer alternative of voting by mail is a mandatory enforcement of a guaranteed constitutional right to vote for electors in the electoral college to choose the president.  The federal courts and the U.S. Supreme Court have the power through the All Writs Act to issue TRO's and preliminary injunctions and permanent orders ordering U.S. Treasurer Mnuchin to give the US Post Office the $25 billion in funding even if the President Trump vetos the bill after the funding bill passes both the House and Senate by a simple majority.  

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