In 2000 a 5 justice Republican vote on the U.S. Supreme Court stole the election from Al Gore, Jr. and gave the presidency of the United States to George W. Bush by tossing out and invalidating an order from the Florida Supreme Court to allow all counties in Florida to have full recounts of presidential ballots. The U.S. Supreme Court reversed every decision on the final authority of a state’s highest appellate court, in this case, the Florida Supreme Court, to rule on the meaning and application of the Florida state statutory election law [not the Florida State Constitution election guarantees]. In the 200 years from 1800 on, the U.S. Supreme Court held in a long line of election case precedents, that the decision of a state’s highest appellate court was not subject to U.S. Supreme Court review and did not present a federal question of the United States Constitution that was reviewable by the federal courts at any level. The most recent case on this was the Coke Stevenson challenge to the Lyndon B. Johnson Senate election victory, in a small rural county in the state of Texas, in the 1940s. Due to the fact that a corrupt 5 judge majority of the U.S. Supreme Court decided to review the Florida Supreme Court decision in Bush. v. Gore, George W. Bush, Jr. was wrongly given the popular vote victory by 852 votes and then George W. Bush won all of the Florida electoral votes. Because the U.S. Supreme Court wrongfully stole the election from Al Gore Jr. by a 5-4 vote, and awarded the popular vote win to George W. Bush Jr., the electoral votes of Florida were awarded to George W. Bush, Jr. and George W. Bush, Jr. won the majority of U.S. Electoral votes in the November 2000 election.

In George W. Bush’s second term in the presidency, Rehnquist and another U.S. Supreme Court Justice retired and Sandra Day O’Connor retired which created 2 vacancies on the U.S. Supreme Court that George W. Bush, Jr. was able to fill. The appointees nominated by Bush, Jr. and approved by advise and consent of the U.S. Senate in a floor vote, were Samuel Alito and Chief Justice John Roberts. These two Justices participated willingly the coup d’etat vote 5-4 to issue the opinion of Citizens United , which claimed that campaign money spent was speech and therefore under the freedom of speech guarantee of the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was protected unlimited. Therefore corporations, business entities, an individual could engage in unlimited spending for and against candidates in state and federal elections. Citizens United was calculated to give an enormous advantage to Republican candidates who had millionaires and billionaires funding their campaigns. Citizens United struck an enormous blow to weaken the Democratic Party by allowing the very richest of U.S. Citizen voters to outspend ordinary U.S. Voters in elections.

The 5 Justice conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court upheld voter ID laws in Indiana as constitutional. This would allow states to require voters to have driver license or photo identification cards as a requirement to be able to cast ballots in person at the polls. Then the states could make it difficult or impossible for people to have access to Department of Motor Vehicle offices in the evening or weekend or at locations that were easy for poor people to get to. The 5 Justice majority on the U.S. Supreme Court struck down an entire section of the Voting Rights Act that required preclearance of any state statutes on voting and voter qualification by attorneys in the civil division of the U.S. Attorneys office for the district the state was located in. This now freed Southern states to pass laws that restricted who could vote and what interference states could create with the right to vote. Voter ID laws would play a major role in reducing Democratic registered voter turnout in state and federal elections, and defeating Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio.

In 2008, Barack Obama was elected president as the first black president in U.S. History. In the first 5 years of Obama’s terms, two U.S. Supreme Court seats were vacated. Obama nominated and the U.S. Senate confirmed Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayer. In February 2016 in the last year of Obama’s second term Antonin Scalia died creating a vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court for Barack Obama to nominate, appoint and fill with the advice and consent of the U.S. Senate, then dominated by a Republican Party majority of 52 Senators and two independent Senators from Maine and Vermont, Rufus King and Bernie Sanders respectively.

When the judgeship formerly occupied by Scalia became vacant, the majority leader of the U.S. Senate, Senator Mitch McConnell, immediately went into action to tell all U.S. Voters that no Judge / Justice nominated by Barack Obama would receive a yea or nay vote from the full Senate, which is actually required as a quorum of U.S. Senators under the official Senate rules. Senator Mitch McConnell went on in a beyond belief manner to announce that no judicial nominee nominated by President Barack Obama, no matter who that nominee might be would receive a yea or nay vote by the full Senate, because he McConnell refused to allow that to happen and that he Sen. McConnell would refuse to schedule a yea or nay vote for any such Obama nominee. After a week or two Sen. Chuck Grassley and a number of meetings with Mitch McConnell and lobbyists for the National Rifle Association and the Koch Brothers and Phil Anschutz of Colorado, who wanted the seat saved for his darling Judge Neil Gorsuch, Sen. Chuck Grassley jumped on the Republican Party bandwagon. Sen. Chuck Grassley announced that there would be no hearings for the nominee nominated by President Obama, who was, in fact, Judge Merrick Garland. Sen. Chuck Grassley, in contempt of the U.S. Constitution, announced that there would be no Judiciary Committee hearings as per the U.S. Senate rules that applied to Judicial nomination for federal judgeships, including specifically the U.S. Supreme Court. For the first time in 220 years of United States history, a Senate conspiracy was created, by renegade lawless Senators, with McConnell and Sen. Grassley leading the renegade action to deny and sabotage the constitutional powers of the President of the United States, to fill vacancies in the U.S. Supreme Court, That president was Barack Obama in 2016. Sen. Grassley even went further in his civilly illegal and criminal behavior to announce that if Hillary Clinton were to win the election that he would make sure that there would be no Judiciary Committee hearings for any U.S. Supreme Court nominee for the entire 4 or 8 years of Hillary Clinton’s term, that she might serve, as President of the United States. This type of treason, obstruction of justice, violation of Obama’s and 45 Democratic Senators constitutional rights was committed by Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Senator Mitch McConnell R-Kentucky, the Senate majority leader.

In summary:
President Obama nominates Merrick Garland.
Sen. Mitch McConnell refuses to hold an up or down approval or disapproval vote on Judge Merrick Garland.

1. Sen. Mitch McConnell states to news media, CNN, MSNBC, CBS News, and others that no matter whom President Obama nominates to the U.S. Supreme Court vacancy, that Mitch McConnell will not allow or schedule a full Senate yea or nay vote on such Obama nominee during the remaining year of the Obama Presidency. McConnell says that he will let the voters decide in November who will get to nominate a Judge to the vacant judgeship on the U.S.Supreme Court.

2. Sen. Chuck Grassley holds secret meetings of the Judiciary Committee Republicans demanding their loyalty and illegally holding a vote of Republican Senators on the Judiciary Committee, at which those committee members vote in secret without the Democrat Senators present, to refuse to schedule hearings on the Judge Merrick Garland nomination. Senator Grassley holds these secret meetings without an official Senate reporter with an Xscribe machine to record the meeting and record the unofficial votes cast at the meeting in violation of federal law. Grassley commits obstruction of justice by having official business committee meetings from which all Democrat Senators were excluded, but Grassley guesses that he can get away with that behavior with Mitch McConnell in agreement, that no one either President Obama or the Democrats on Judiciary will file any civil action or request criminal prosecution

3. Sen. Chuck Grassley refuses to hold judiciary committee hearings on nominee Judge Merrick Garland or any nominee chosen by Pres. Obama in Obama’s last year of his presidency of 2016 after Antonin Scalia’s surprise death in February 2016 until January 20, 2017.

4. Sen. Grassley, acting in civil conspiracy and, I allege, criminal conspiracy, states as Chairman of the Republican-controlled Judiciary Committee, that he, Grassley, will refuse to hold hearings on Judge Merrick Garland or on any nominee chosen by President Obama in violation of his own Judiciary Committee Rules and the Constitution of the United States. Both Mitch McConnell and Sen. Chuck Grassley emphatically state in public speeches, that it does not matter whom President Obama nominates for the U.S. Supreme Court that no hearings will be held for such nominees and no yea or nay vote by the full Senate will be scheduled for any Obama Justice nominee,

Illegal actions tipped Supreme Court Balance
Supreme COurt Bench


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