Rosenstein, Trump and not just Russia rigged the election

Crazy news day.

Trump moving to fire Rosenstein. Dunno why or how either in this instance or under Nixon, the President Constitutionally wouldn’t have the power to do so. Hardly seems that applies in this present structure. The advice not to- still holds-  because the current momentum is too great to get the whole shebang back under wraps through firings. Millions of people know what is going on and are pretty worked up about it. It would be throwing gasoline on a fire.

The Russia investigation is Constitutional- it is really the sort of emoluments step- that should be taken on becoming a Presidential candidate- as expensive as that might be- financial transactions at that level are going to be numerous, and Trump transacted a lot of business with foreign countries.

Stormy Daniels and his transgressions with her- are really small potatoes- the campaign finance violations are major thing- and it brought down a Presidential candidate, John Edwards in 2004 or so. It also looks like they knowingly masked the transactions to avoid the attention to it.

The election itself was defective, from jump, and while the Russia portion is a part of it – the real story is in the pattern of actions over time, by the RNC.

The overall thing is, it can procedurally be shown that the difference in the election- amounting to 107,000 votes in unexpected wins over 4 states- .01% of the vote total- would be dwarfed by the sheer scale of the illegal state and near state interference in the election- the RNC, at least a million.


The Electoral College election- the “real election” featured 50 unqualified electors- many states require that state officials *** cannot *** be electors- because it’s holding two offices, or must be from their specific districts. It seems super technical- but the electoral college is. If you use a faked birth certificate to get a drivers license- you don’t get to keep it and drive. Or, if it requires driver school certification that is faked- the license will be revoked. While this could be considered a smaller violation that would be let pass under most circumstances, the defect certainly allows and perhaps requires a closer look at the underlying processes.


The RNC was under consent decree- a court ordered agreement with the DNC – to stay away from ballot security initiatives- for almost 30 years- because of how many felonies the RNC committed in New Jersey in 1982 Gubernatorial election. Further this was a sweeping decree in which the RNC agreed not only as an organization, but to prevent members, state parties, and related entities from engaging in these activities.

They were found, in court, to have violated those consent decree

In 1987, 1990, and 2004. In 2008 the Courts found no violation, though the facts seem to suggest otherwise.

As these are felony violations, the RNC could be considered a hardened criminal, especially since the Courts say corporations are people.

The term “ballot security” is defined in the 2009 modification as follows: (3) . . . any program aimed at combatting voter fraud by preventing potential voters from registering to vote or casting a ballot. Such programs include, but are not limited to,6 the compilation of voter challenge lists by use of mailing or reviewing databases maintained by state agencies such as motor vehicle records, social security records, change of address forms, and voter lists assembled pursuant to the HAVA7;

Essentially- because Republicans have been found to be suppressing the votes of minorities- felony Constitutional violations, multiple times, they are forbidden from making decisions that would stop people from voting, or anything that would involve making sure that voter registration was accurate, or the polls were more secure, because they could not be trusted to do so without racial discrimination

Then they passed Voter ID laws in 14 states to improve the ballot security, and started a program called CrossCheck, which ended up with more than 98 million records- identifying 7.2 million of them as ‘double voters”- potential felons- because first and last names matched up in different states- recommending that people be purged in both states.

These laws were found in two different states- to have been passed with racially discriminatory intent.



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