@Schumer, due Constitutional duty includes taking McConnell To the DC District Court over Appointments CLause violations- Brett Sablosky

The Amy Coney Barrett Nomination and to a larger extent the lower courts nomination process over the past 10 needs to be reviewed in the DC- Circuit immediately. We have gathered more than enough research, to give a Temporary Restraining Order for the Nomination process, and as members of the Senate, the Senators are obligated by law to take action to restore the balance, regardless of whether they wish that power for themselves, or just think it not worth fighting until after the election. It needed to be reviewed during the Obama administration, and waiting for a Biden Administration to correct the Obstruction of Justice is a different but similar mistake as the Garland nomination originally.

These are matters of the Constitution. The Senator as my representative and Senators as a body does not have the luxury of not taking the work. My vote is certainly on the line, and I feel as though getting a public review of very real grievances with the process by which they have not been doing business, and possible options have yielded a low return like I have to fight the government lawyers to get them to obey the clear written requirements of the Constitution.

The violations of the Senior Senator from Kentucky’s Constitutional Authority, obstructing your Constitutional duties, and choosing for himself, and initiating the Judicial appointments process whenever a Justice dies, instead of the President is absurd.  Mitch McConnell is not the Senate, he cannot express the will of the Senate, particularly on a Supreme Court Nomination without a vote of the Senate. Any vacancies created by these actions, including the filibuster, abused 80 times, exceeding the Senates role in the matter and setting the standard for judgeships to be Republican Appointees clearly violates Appointment clause tradition, and the Court’s clear record on the Senates role as to weed out the bad nominees, which no one says about Merrick Garland.

Senators who recognize this as a civil and potentially criminal violation have far more responsibility under their own Constitutional duties to see that this issue is resolved , and their States consent to the Supreme Court Justice. Take required action including litigation, and press outstanding matters that have long plagued into the public eye with force.

What are the Senate’s responsibilities in 14-2 Constitutional required Voting rights review to approve the Electoral College?

Why are filibusters so easy to do?

Does Mitch McConnell have veto-proof Constitutional authority in the Senate?

Was the blockage of Garland within the power of the Senate Majority Leader?

Please take a position on these matters, and we will proceed to a Zoom call, though we will certainly be in DC by Wed.

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